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if you see this, know that someone cares
you can always drop into my ask box with absolutely anything
i will listen
and i promise to care


if you see this, know that someone cares

you can always drop into my ask box with absolutely anything

i will listen

and i promise to care

Anonymous asked
y'know, you remind me of a band called the Melvins. they don't have a vast sea of fans, but the fans they do have think they're the best thing ever. <3

I’m still blown away to even have a fanbase at all, especially such a lovely supportive one. Wouldn’t trade them for any widespread fame

I’ll look this band up too.

You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering.

Ernest Hemingway - A Farewell to Arms (via teashoesandhair)


If you have a mental disorder due to emotional abuse clap your hands

If you struggle with anxiety because you could never get your parents’ approval clap your hands

If shit in your childhood fucked you up in ways you don’t fully understand and you really want emotional support

If you just want to be happy clap your hands

People seem to think he would be shy and virginal, but let’s face it: Kankri would be the ultimate pillow queen, a total bitch in bed who micromanages his partners.

N9, n9, t99 much.  N9w that’s n9t en9ugh.  A little t9 the left… n9w the right…


D9n’t t9uch me there I am ticklish there.  THAT’S T99 R9UGH.  9w 9W!!

9h fasterfasterfasterfasterfaster… FASTER.

N9w I kn9w y9u are 9n the cusp 9f achieving 9rgasm, 6ut I’d like t9 st9p y9u f9r a sec9nd t9 g9 9ver s9me very imp9rtant details regarding y9ur prf9rmance and h9w it can mutually 6enefit us 69th—

if we share the same ship likes and dislikes i can’t be held accountable for how hard i fall for you


"go fuck yourself" is the funniest insult bc all you’re doing is ordering me to go have fun.  it’s like telling me to go to my room; all i’m gonna do when i get there is play with my toys.

Anonymous asked
animation is the hardest thing ever and I hate it but I also love it and its so rewarding but I'm so frustrated rn because damn this is way too hard i am in pain why does it have to be so hard i cant do this but i want to do it so bad im screaming i dont know why im sending this to you this doesnt relate to you or your blog in anyway that i know of but youre really chill so i thought maybe you wouldnt mind me rambling in frustration
kyricns asked
Your sense of fashion has always been very interesting, H-san. What would you say are your influences?

pin up fashion, sailor moon, my time in the goth scene and street fashion!!

oh my gosh you guys are leaving me the most evocative messages on my spillit it’s giving me so many happy feelings and reminding me of how much i adore you all.



post 6 selfies that make you feel beautiful

tagging: anyone who reads this (pls tag it as lactoriaselfie so i can see it!  or shoot me a message to let me know you did this)

your hair is different in every picture, you should catalog your hair through the year. 

i try to with my selfies these days. :D